Planning & Restructuring

Enerlytix assists in the on-going management of the business by assisting corporate planning groups with the development budgets for revenue, costs and margin forecasts, power and fuel hedging, operational and maintenance planning.   Some of these services include -

  • Multi-year asset level financial and operational forecasts
  • Evaluation of capital allocation projects such as the economic evaluation of environmental controls, evaluation of expansion or retrofit opportunities, analysis of fuel alternatives
  • Enerlytix provides various services to debtors-in-possession, creditors/lenders and other stakeholders involved in refinancing, bankruptcy or financial restructuring processes.  Some of these services include -
    • Development of short and long-term margin forecasts for lenders
    • Custom modeling support and valuation for the development of plans of reorganization
    • Analysis of transactions and contracts for litigation support
    • Valuation of contracts for assumption or rejection during bankruptcy
    • Third-party validation of forecasts or expert market testimony on market analysis and valuation issues