Custom Modeling Support

The accurate valuation of energy assets involves a good understanding of the uncertainty surrounding the specific representation of value.  In order to incorporate the uncertainty inherent in electricity markets one needs to build a probabilistic framework that combines a deterministic approach with a stochastic approach – which ultimately results in a distribution of valuation outcomes.  Furthermore, a comprehensive valuation of power and associated assets must also recognize the optionality embedded in these assets.  Therefore capturing all of these value nuggets, involves combining various modeling techniques and tools.  The consultants at Enerlytix offer a wide range of advisory and custom modeling support services using various modeling techniques to address a range of complex valuation issues, strategy questions and the valuation of uncertainty.  Whether it is modeling the value of gas storage to an independent power producer in a gas transmission constrained market; determining the optimal size of backup oil storage capacity at a peaking power plant in congested metropolitan location, or quantifying the financial value of building a barge unloading facility to deliver coal at a large coal fired power plant that is served by a single rail line – our consultants at Enerlytix have lucidly answered such questions and supported the results with sound quantitative analysis.