Enerlytix's core expertise lies in the ability of its consultants to deeply analyze and interpret the trends in global energy and US power markets. Global energy markets are inter-related.  Trends affecting growth in the emerging economies impact US fuel markets which in turn impact US power markets. Traditional inter-fuel relationships (such as oil-gas parity) are being challenged by the emergence of new and disruptive technologies.  The discovery of new gas fields, in proximity to the major demand centers of the Northeastern US, is disrupting traditional fuel spreads and generator profitability. The dynamics of regional supply and demand have been altered by asset retirements caused by stricter environmental regulations and the emergence of load management products. Investment in transmission infrastructure is changing the topology of power markets.  New market mechanisms are being introduced that provide additional revenue optimization and risk mitigation opportunities.  All these drivers together are fundamentally changing energy production, consumption and pricing.  As the power markets in US respond to these crosscurrents, Enerlytix is helping clients understand the balance between the interests of consumers (price stability), producers (profit maximization) and regulators (system reliability and competitiveness).

The consultants at Enerlytix are keen observers of these dynamics and stay abreast with the current economic, regulatory and public policy debate surrounding energy markets. Through their decades of experience working with regulated utilities, merchant energy companies and private equity market participants our consultants have gained a deep understanding of rate-of-return regulation, merchant market structures, capacity and energy market structures, global fuel markets, the economics of renewable energy, air and water regulations, emerging trends in energy demand growth, demand response, transmission investments, smart grid technologies and other pertinent factors impacting the global energy industry.

We believe in a process oriented, data intensive approach to analysis that enables our clients to understand the fundamental drivers of value and position themselves to respond when the inevitable change in market dynamics are realized. Our consultants approach every project with equal diligence and energy.  We employ a consultative approach with the client to passionately seek the right answer for our client.  Our core process employs some very simple yet crucial steps

  • Understanding the market structure and regulation
  • Understanding the economics of the business
  • Understanding fuel markets
  • Identifying and understanding market trends
  • Understanding how it all fits together