Enerlytix's wholesale power market services are designed to address the analytical needs of market participants in the US merchant or regulated power markets and international power markets.  We provide a variety of services ranging from a macro-overview of US and international energy markets to detailed valuation and cash flow forecasts for individual energy assets to help investors and other stakeholders assess the value and risks associated with specific markets and assets.

Our fundamental analysis of the markets involves a rigorous, bottom-up approach building up the basic elements of supply and demand, to create an overview of the short-, medium- and long-term supply-demand dynamics of each major power market and sub-region. This data is employed in the development of detailed models to simulate the respective market.  The results of this foundational body of work, along with our consultants' insight developed from years of experience, provides a robust framework to perform various downstream analyses.

Energy Analytics

Enerlytix prepares detailed forecasts for each market and develops thought and opinion on the investment potential and risks associated with each power market or region. Our analysts and consultants continuously track market developments and thereby maintain a constant gauge on the pulse of each market. Our supply-demand forecasts provide clients with a forward looking perspective on the equilibrium dynamics of each market or granular sub-market. The consultants at Enerlytix utilize advanced econometric and mathematical tools, and industry specific models to develop geographically and temporally granulated simulations of the power market. We then use the results of these simulations and sensitivities to assess the investment potential for each market or asset.  Some of our analytical products and services are as follows -

  • Price and market heat rate forecasting: Forecasts of short and long term power prices and market heat rates
  • Energy and Capacity Market modeling: Analysis of pricing for energy, ancillary services and forward capacity products
  • Supply-Demand forecasts: Multi-year forecast of supply and demand for various region and sub-regions in the United States
  • Market Assessments: Develop a comprehensive understanding of each market or sub-market as it relates to the economic opportunity for new entry, the continuing viability of existing assets, the feasibility of the various new entrant technologies in each market or sub-region
  • Evaluate the sensitivity of markets to input variables such as demand, fuel prices, environmental regulations, cost of new entry, renewable penetration, energy efficiency and demand response, etc.